What is a reach forklift?

When dealing with massive inventories, heavy loads and maximized efficiency, reach forklifts are a perfect solution for most problems.

Most massive storage facilities use reach forklift, they are basically a small vehicle with a fork type arm which can move upwards and downwards; having one or two wheels per leg. The fork shape allows it to get into the industry pallets and allows it to lift heavy loads conveniently.

There are a lot of companies which produce reach forklifts, like Toyota, CAT and such. And are created to work in narrow aisle of warehouses.

The basic purpose of these lifts is to maximize efficiency of the workers, store, and sort and move heavy items from one location to another within a storage system with ease. They are also sued to lift illegally parked cars in some areas.

There are different sizes for lifted trucks, for different professions and needs; small, medium and large size to lift different loads, from a few dozen kilograms to a few tons. Design wise, they are usually similar, to the one described before but the lifted capabilities are different for different types.

The driver usually sits in a sideways position when handing the machine.

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